Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals.

The traditional food of this festival is the moon cake. They are cakes with a sweet, dense filling.
The moon cake may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in its center to symbolize the full moon.

Many types of fillings can be found in traditional moon cakes according to the region's culture.

Chinese family members and friends gather to admire the bright mid-autumn moon and eat moon cakes.Happy Moon festival!


Evelyn said...

Hey Dani
When I was growing up in Malaysia, this was a big festival for my family. Now in Australia, it is not an event, unfortunately.

The filling looks interesting, and different than those I have seen in Malaysia and Australia (Chinatown). Anyway, hope you had fun and enjoyed the mooncakes.

Take care, Evelyn

Anonymous said...

Glad that I finished pollishing the moon in time ;) May its light shine bright for you.

joo said...

Sounds like a beautiful celebration!
Happy Moon Festival:)

Ann said...

Thanks for posting about my festival. Here's mine:

I also want to show you the snow drops since you have snow flower. P/s My Chinese name is pure snow, which I suppose is a snow flower. Do you have snow drops?

Autumn Belle said...

Do you like the taste of this mooncake?

Dani said...

Dear Evelyn, I did enjoyed the holiday. Had moon cakes and took lovely photos of the full moon.

Dear Robert, thank you for the wonderful words. They are always appreciated.

Dear Joo, thank you for visit as always. I did have wonderful holiday.

Dear Ann, I love this holiday and it was great to see the full moon. (it's cloudy most days).

Snow flowers=snowflakes. Lovely name you have in Chinese.

Dear Autumn Belle, I liked this cake. The filling was nuts, raisins and I don't what else, my Chinese is poor to understand what was inside.
I like the sweet moon cakes more.

Thank you all. Have a wonderful weekend.

EG Wow said...

The moon cakes look yummy. What a nice way to celebrate the autumn moon.

steveroni said...

Yep. I'd like me some moon cakes.

SHE: "Steve, is that all you think about? EATING?"

HE: "Of course not...what's for dinner?"