Friday, October 29, 2010

A feast for the eyes

I just can't have enough of the golden autumn here. It's very cold, the air's crispy especially mornings and nights, BUT it's a real feast for the eyes. The best season here is definitely autumn.

Have a great weekend, dear friends!


joo said...

I agree with you Dani - autumn is so beautiful with all its colours and moods!
Happy weekend to you:)

Malyss said...

You're giving a much better view of China than what we usually see on tv!marvellous colors!

Mrs. M @ TLC said...

Oh, you reminded me of my favorite season. Now that we're back in SEAsia we only have hot, hotter, and hottest seasons.

Loved your photos. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How great it must be being able to breath such clean air ! Thank you for this joy, please have a good Sunday.

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