Friday, January 21, 2011

Safe and sound

It's been more than 10 days no posts. Where has the past week gone?
I'm now in Guangzhou for the winter holidays.

My train ride from Tianjin was really long (26 hours) but when you're mentally ready, you can survive.

I practiced my Chinese with the students going back to their hometowns.

See the upper bed? That's the third level, and you need to be skillful to get up there.
I had the middle one. :))

The railway stations in China are full, especially before the Spring Festival.

What I really admire is their waiting. Such patience!

Have a lovely weekend!


Evelyn said...

Have Dani
Have a great Spring Festivsl. My brothers are trying to trace our roots - we were from Guangshou somewhere...

I have never seen a 3 tiered bunk!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure !

Glad to read about your happiness. Impressive indeed to see so many people standing in line, a role model. The weekend kind and nice for you.