Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Celebrating Orthodox Easter in China

Easter is a really big holiday in Macedonia. Since I'm in China now I celebrated with my classmates from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.

Here are the eggs that I dyed for Easter.

This unusual technique is the traditional Slavic Orthodox Christian style of decorating eggs, using stocking and leaves.

We color with the eggs with some powder substances. But here I couldn't find any, so we used the traditional way of dying the eggs. And the healthy one. Onion peel.

Usually on Thursday before Easter eggs are dyed. The eggs are colored red, symbolizing the coming happiness in the resurrection.

On Sunday, eggs are tapped, end to end.

This is my Easter artwork and I'm so proud of it. :)

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Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Dani--these are beautiful. Exquisitely made. They fill my eyes. I LOVED this post. How creative you are.

I am just amazed.

Thank you for joining FATuesday!

I am truly in awe. Hugs back!

SquirrelQueen said...

Dani, you should be proud of your artwork because the eggs are beautiful.

I have used natural colorings before but I never thought about using leaves to decorate. I love the effect.

Malyss said...

The way you're celebrating your Easter is very interesting! and the way the situation "obliged" you to be creative gave great results! I like how you decorated the eggs, it's very pretty. Tahnk you for sharing!and...happy Easter!

Clytie said...

Oh Dani! These are the most beautiful eggs I've seen! You have every right to be proud!!!

Thank you for sharing your techniques as well - I never would have thought of using leaves, onions and nylons to make such gorgeous art - I would have a hard time eating them!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful proof, that humankind is intelligent, because of having fingers. Impressed, impressed !

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