Sunday, May 29, 2011

Preparing presentation on Macedonia

A lot of Chinese are not familiar with my country, Macedonia. So, i got an assignment to present it in school this week. The problem is I've got so many photos and can't select the best. ;)
Maybe some of you are not quite familiar with Macedonia as well.
Today, I'm sharing only flowers.
Have a lovely Sunday!


joo said...

Beautiful flowers Dani. I love especially the white ones.
Have a nice week ahead!

~Cheryl said...

This is a fantastic assortment of flowers. My eyes had a nice feast of color and texture.

Anonymous said...

Guess that flowers are a perfect way to start talking about a place. Makes one smile !
Please have a wonderful new week.

daily athens

Kaori said...

The flower collages are wonderful! Brightens my day! I'm not very familiar with your country but am quite intruiged :D

Clytie said...

Oh Dani - they are so beautiful! What a stunning array of colors and textures ... wow.

Evelyn said...

Lovely collection.

Tina said...

Very beautiful. Nice collage!

good sense in daily life said...

Nice layouts & great color coord...keep sharing!