Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kaleidoscope of love

The colorful depth of Love

The diversity of love.

The uniqueness of love

The passion cannons of love

The closeness of love

The vortex of love

The smiles of love

The intimacy of love

The Life of Love.

Have a Love day.


Ewa said...

this is such a good idea for photos,
I would never think of using them that way, lovely

Gypsy Lala said...

Great idea for photo, nice words too, I love it.

Evelyn said...

Fun pics. Lovely colours.

Anonymous said...

Amazing !

Cheryl said...

I love how you photographed images of these straws in so many interesting ways to express all things love.

JayLeigh said...

Wonderfully creative and meaningful. I like your pictures and the words you paired them with!

Kaori said...

I love these photos! The bright colored straws are so cheerful :D