Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last guest heart Thursday

An evening heart fence on a full moon!

a heart stone from a gorgeous lake.

This is the last heart post from Macedonia. Hope I will be able to access blogspot in China. If not, Clytie will be receiving my hearts via email and share them later on her blog.
Thank you. Have a gorgeous week!

Guest heart Thursday


Anonymous said...

One can only look forward for the impressions and finds of you.

Clytie said...

Oh Dani - now you've gone and made me cry. Yep, tears and all.

I am truly loving the hearts that find you, and I just know they will find you in China as well.

I pray for you on your journey.

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of Guest Heart Thursday. I look forward to those e-mails!!!

And I thank YOU.

Limar said...

Oh, your hearts are wonderful, as always!! You take such fantastic photos. Looking forward to your pics from China :) Wishing you a safe and amazing trip!

Halcyon said...

I love all your guest hearts today!

You have such a bright and beautiful spirit. It's always nice to see your photos and read your words.

Laura said...

How do you do it Dani...that tiny heart in the stone is a miraculous find. I'm so glad that you will be able to post your images through Clytie. Wishing you all the best on this next adventure of your life.

'Tsuki said...

Hearts can really be found anywhere... Lovely pictures.

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Dani...what beautiful hearts--you will be so missed. I mentioned you today in two of my blogs. You, just like my darling Sissy, are a uniquely beautiful person.

I will pray for you as you leave for China and live there--I hope you find a way to keep in touch with all of us. ((hugs))

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Dani, these are all beautiful hearts. We are all hoping you will still be able to connect from China. At least we can hear from you through Clytie.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your adventure.

~Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing all your heart treasures! May you be blessed with a smooth, trouble-free transition to your new home. May you find all us cyber heart bloggers in every room. Good luck to you, and I will also be thrilled to hear from you again! Hearts, Hugs, and Happiness to you! ♥

Dani said...

Dear Robert,
thank you as always. I feel delighted when you enjoy my posts/photos.

Dear Clytie,
you opened a new world to me. The hearts were there but you were the one that made me see them often and everywhere, in everything.
Brightened my days before leaving.

Dear Limar
thank you for the lovely words/wishes. I will surely keep in touch. I will find a way. Promise.

Dear Halcyon,
thank you for this wonderful comment. Much appreciated.

Dear Laura
thank you so much for your precious words. It means a lot to me reading your comments. they're blessings.

Dear Tsuki,
thank you a lot. Really glad to share the hearts with you.

Dear Beth,
Thank you a million. Im honored to be part of your blogs, as you are a part of mine. Really glad and happy to be my blogger friend.

Dear Squirrel Queen,
Thank you for the wonderful words/wishes. So glad you really enjoy my heart photos.

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you so much for these excellent wishes. Im sure the hearts will find in China too. And will be happy to share them.

Have a marvelous weekend.

Still few days at home. Too busy. But will some time to visit you.