Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sky guidance

Which way should I go? Don't ask me, ask the sky.

Skywatch Friday


Sylvia K said...

And the sky has an answer, we just have to know how to read it! Marvelous capture, Dani! Love the patterns of the clouds! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Clytie said...

This way! No, that way! No, the other way! Is it any wonder we're so often confused?

Anonymous said...

Regardless wherever you wander, it is the YOU who remains the same, just like the sky, here, there, everywhere.

Much understood thoughts about food, home etc. - at least we share the same sky, sun and air to breath. All the very best for you !

daily athens

Kim, USA said...

Whatever which way it's your choice. Like the falling snow here. Happy weekend!
Sky Watch

J Bar said...

Good skywatch shot.