Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eating in Guangzhou

Tasty buns with filling made from some meat and vegetables.

Never seen them in Beijing, nor Tianjin. I can't tell if they are only local to Guangdong.

Century eggs are eggs perserved in mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months. Through the process, the yolk becomes a dark green to grey colour, with a creamy consistency and an odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly. (Wiki)

I was told not to eat many of these. I didn't like the smell, though.

White cut chiken is a Cantonese dish (this was brownish, though).

Roast goose neck. It's Guangdong (Cantonese) special dish, but I not to my taste.

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. These were, I guess, filled with salted pork.

I'm leaving Guangzhou in two days. I had amazing time here, enjoying the warm (and hot)weather, enjoying the green enviroment. As for the food, I guess I'm used to Tianjin's, the Cantonese cuisine is a bit sweeter than the one up north. I mean, it's all habit.
Have a lovely start to new week and month!


joo said...

Wow, what a delicious post Dani - and I'm hungry now. However, not much for me, since I'm a vegetarian:):):)
Hope you'll have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this nice escape into a world which without you i wouldn't have seen.
And yes, am hungry now as well ;)

Please have a good start into the new week.

Malyss said...

I don't know if everything is good, but at least, it LOOKS good! i lie the way chinese food is showed;It gives thhe desire of testing!

Evelyn said...

Interesting. Very new to me, although my mom's side of the family is Cantonese (many generations in Malaysia).

Zongzi looks great. There are a few different versions of this in Malaysia, but they don't look like this.

Century egg is an acquired taste. I'm ok with small doses.

Thanks for sharing Dani.

EG Wow said...

Is it difficult to find food for vegetarians in China?

Life Ramblings said...

what a delicious spread. the Zongzi looks divine. have a safe journey.

Krista said...

WOW! They are all so interesting and exotic! i'm not sure if I would enjoy them all; but I sure would try a bit of each. I LOVE trying new food even if it looks a bit scary to my Canadian tastes. ;o)