Monday, February 14, 2011

Wine and love

In Macedonia, majority of the people being Orthodox Christian, celebrate St. Trifun.
St. Trifun is considered the patron of the fields, the patron of the grape fields and grape owners. In his honor, 14th of february people visit vineeyards and symbolically cut one piece off the vines believing to bring a year rich with grapes.

St. Valentine is usually celebrated by young people.

Isn't it great, celebrating love with wine...
Wishing you love throughout the year.
Wishing you have each day full of love..

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Wine's Day!


joo said...

Great combination - wine, love and chocolates:)
Happy Valentine's day to you Dani!

Anonymous said...

food holds body, mind and soul together. how wonderful, it must be, to be sweet as well.

please have a good week ahead.

daily athens

Clytie said...

I'm in absolute agreement with Joo - wine, love and chocolate. What a perfect day!!!

Evelyn said...

Hi Dani
Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.