Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, I had this short runaway from reality. In a countryside cottage with a stunning nature, wonderful flowers, fresh water, clean air. No net, no cell phone. At one moment I felt awkward, insecure, something's missing. Oh, nooo. My lap top. My phone's dead!!! Then I realized Im addicted to being online, available at all times. And I DONT like that. I hate this fact. Luckily, my friend saved me. At the very beginning. She's а living creature with such universal life energy flowing within her that amazed me all the time. She's using this energy to live freely creating miracles. Miracles of simple things. Thank you, Maya.

Well, let's enjoy the photos. I have a lot, but I will spread them out over some time.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Sweet Repose said...

You have a TOTALLY delightful blog, I skipped through it this morning while enjoying a small thunderstorm in Iowa, have a peaceful eye and a big heart...which I totally loved between the two friends...way cool!

Keep up your soul search, it makes one whole!


Clytie said...

What absolutely beautiful photos you took while absent from reality! Addiction or not, I'm glad you were able to get away from the technical ties that bind and that you have such a wonderful friend to help you through the withdrawals! :=}

ρομπερτ said...

How thankful I am for this escape in the middle of the night you might only imagine.

daily athens

Dani said...

Dear Sharon, thank you so much. So glad you enjoyed it.

Dear Clytie, thank you for the kind words, as always.
Still waiting for Thursday!

Dear Robert, You can't imagine how much I appreciate your regular comments.

Ana said...

Колку само си во правоооо!!! За адикшн`т....кога сум дома, стално ми е уклучен лап-топот...не дај боже интернет да снема, у несвест паѓам....ама а се мрднам надвор од СК, ни интернет ме интересира ни ништо...нејќам компјутер со очи да видам...за жал, многу ретко сум надвор од СК =/
За телефонот многу не се замарам...тој знам и по цел ден да го исклучам...

Dani said...

Па ајде ранецо на грб и изволте наваму..

Ја така некад се си викам сакам да идам вам там се неам некој..па си викам сама да се заакам..

На многу места сакам да фотографирам..(као божем сум профа фотограф.. :Р )