Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love ...

Apples in love.


Anonymous said...

Would you believe, that it has been years since last I saw an apple tree and its content ...

daily athens

Clytie said...

Awe, the apples really are in love aren't they! They even have nearly identical 'beauty marks'!!!

What a cute shot, Dani!

Dave said...

they are twins, i think.

Dani said...

Oh Robert I have these apple trees in my hometown. But when I stay in the capital, no garden, no apples, no flowers :(

These aren't my favorite apples. I love the yellow ones...Mmm..

Dear Clytie, your eye is amazing. I didn't see the beauty

Hi Dave. I think they weren't twins. But honestly Im not sure. Have to check that out. Once they're ripe.

Thank you for the regular visit and comments.